New Episode for Lyric!

Our YA fantasy about a college girl who discovers a deep, dark family secret is really heating up! That is, knowing the secret only makes life weirder for Ashley Scott, as it introduces her to a whole new, magical world. Jump into the fantasy now! It’s a 14-part series and Part Four was just released!Continue reading “New Episode for Lyric!”

Types of Audio Drama

If you’re new to audio dramas, here’s a little information to prepare you for what you’ll hear! While most podcasts are non-fiction–news, true crime & niche topics–a growing number of podcasts are all about entertainment! And they are called fiction podcasts or Audio Dramas. Much like old time radio, before television, audio dramas tell aContinue reading “Types of Audio Drama”

Pod Ranger's Latest

The Rangers have been active, creating a fantasy for you consumption! Lyric: a Mother of a Faery Tale Lyric is a 16-part YA audio drama about Ashley Scott, a college student whose life is magically transformed when her family legacy falls on her young shoulders. She planned to survive the summer working odd jobs aroundContinue reading “Pod Ranger's Latest”

Let Us Entertain You!

Like a good scare? Or a mystery with twists and turns? Perhaps something full of magic? The Pod Ranger will bring them all to your favorite device! Follow us and let us entertain you! They are the perfect distraction for a long car ride, a companion during exercise or a cup of coffee when youContinue reading “Let Us Entertain You!”