Stalking Hitchcock

Photo licensed through iStock and creator alexacatana.

New podcast in the works! It’s full of suspense and mystery–just like a Hitchcock film. Oh, and someone may have an axe to grind with the Master of Suspense!

Yes, we’re taking on Alfred Hitchcock in a new podcast called “Stalking Hitchcock.” We aim to do a little mind bending between the 1940s and present day. After all, Hitch had a dark side that wasn’t very #metoo, but he created some amazing cinema. How do we justify what we love about a historical figure and how their life choices don’t always stand the test of time? Plus, there’s a tantalizing bit of history surrounding one of Hitch’s iconic films. That will play a big part in our mystery, as well!

We’ll get into the thick of it in a podcast that skirts the timeline between reality and fiction–and hopefully makes your spine tingle along the way!


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