Lyric: a Mother of a Faery Tale

Lyric is a 16-part YA audio drama about Ashley Scott, a college student whose life is magically transformed when her family legacy falls on her young shoulders. She planned to survive the summer working odd jobs around Eden College campus, but when mystical beings and reality collide, she’ll settle for keeping her sanity.

Artwork via iStock & creator: justdd.SFX & music by Zapsplatt.

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Click below to listen. Start with Part One of a 16-part season. Each part is 15-20 minutes long. Enjoy!

Part 1 – It all begins with a little magic and a cocky Cat!

Part 2 – Ashley chases after the cat, but he leads her into more trouble.

Part 3 – Ashley meets her ‘insane’ grandmother, and learns why people think she’s crazy–along with a family secret.

Part 4 – Accepting her family legacy is one thing, but facing the consequences is another. And things just keep getting weirder for Ashley Scott!

Listen to an excerpt from Part 4:

Or go to the Lyric show page for a list to listen to all of the episodes — CLICK HERE!

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