Types of Audio Drama

If you’re new to audio dramas, here’s a little information to prepare you for what you’ll hear!

While most podcasts are non-fiction–news, true crime & niche topics–a growing number of podcasts are all about entertainment! And they are called fiction podcasts or Audio Dramas. Much like old time radio, before television, audio dramas tell a story that you follow over several episodes. However there are two kinds out there and they both are worth a listen.

Two Kinds of Audio Dramas

  1. Book Structure
  2. Theater Structure

With Book Structure Audio Dramas, a narrator tells the story, which could include the reader doing voices for the characters, music and sound effects. It’s more like an audio book on steroids. Our audio drama, Lyric: a Mother of a Faery Tale falls into this category.

When you listen to a Theater Structure Audio Drama, you’ll hear multiple actors using only their voices to pull you into a story. These shows can also have some narration, music and sound effects. Many use a “found recording” setup to explain why we are listening into their perplexing situation, but others are just like a television show for your ears. Our upcoming audio drama, 5 Curses, will be told this way.

Whichever version you stumble upon, they are both entertaining! We would recommend starting with the Book Structure version first, however, if you are listening to the audio dramas while you’re also doing something else–like driving or the dishes. The Theater Structured Audio Dramas need a little more of your undivided attention, as the combination of several voices can get jumbled for those new to the medium.

Happy listening!

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