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Monetize Your Podcast

From pitching to pricing, get the inside scoop on how to make some money with your podcast! Yes, please! READ THE ARTICLE HERE.

Stalking Hitchcock Being Judged

We’ve completed the pilot episode of Stalking Hitchcock and have submitted it to an iconic festival. That’s all hush-hush, until we get the green light. So, fingers crossed! The good news: we completed the first episode!!! It’s full of suspense and launches our intriguing twist on history into a mind-bending world. Can’t wait to shareContinue reading “Stalking Hitchcock Being Judged”

New Episode for Lyric!

Our YA fantasy about a college girl who discovers a deep, dark family secret is really heating up! That is, knowing the secret only makes life weirder for Ashley Scott, as it introduces her to a whole new, magical world. Jump into the fantasy now! It’s a 14-part series and Part Four was just released!Continue reading “New Episode for Lyric!”

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